Picking A Personal Trainer

General view of Personal Trainers 7/7/2013

What should you look for?

You haven’t spent hours learning about the body and how it works, moves, and functions in different planes of space. All YOU really want to do is look and feel the best you possibly can. So you decide to hire a personal trainer to help guide you toward your fitness goals. What do you look for? How do you know if what you are about to pay for is worth it? Lets explore some things you should consider before you make your decision.


Before a ship leaves it has a destination. Otherwise, it will stay at the dock. You need to know where you want to go BEFORE you can get there. Once you have a goal in mind, my advice would be to look for a trainer who has done what you are trying to accomplish. So if your only goal is to get strong, look for a trainer who specializes in that area. You may find this to be a more comfortable environment to train in because you will “buy into” the trainers instructions because you have witnessed the result.


The best trainers that I have ever had the privilege of working with have all taken very complicated movements and made them simple to understand. This is where you will get the most bang for your buck. After all your “trainer” is really a “teacher”. You are relying on their knowledge of a skill to bypass all the study and work that goes into learning the information. If your trainer can’t clearly explain to you what you’re expected to do and how to effectively do it, then you might want to find another trainer.


Really dude?


So many “fainers” (fake trainers) give us a bad name. This is not the job you need to get into just to hit on hot men or women. We live in a society where sex sells and I have watched fitness be used as a disguise to sell sex visually. Your trainer should never make you feel weird by staring at you, making inappropriate comments, or placing you in compromising positions. This is the number one sign of a weirdo and I would head for the hills. You should always be more impressed with your trainers mind than their body. Professionalism works both ways of course. So don’t pick a trainer because you think he/ she is attractive. It usually ends bad. Just approach that situation outside of the gym.

One dimensional trainers

 Having deep knowledge of a skill and being one dimensional are two different things. I’m referencing those individuals who will try and tell you there is only ONE way to accomplish a goal. This usually isn’t true. There is a “best way for you”, but there are several paths to the same destination. Never believe this “magic” as my buddy Max Shank calls it.  Look for a trainer who can combine several styles of training to keep your workouts fun, exciting, and challenging.

You should leave the gym with a good sense of direction. A trainer isn’t just a person to yell out reps and directions. They should be providing direction to a goal! Track your progress and stay consistent. Train safe and train smart.


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