Setting Your Fitness Goals 101

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Are you setting realistic expectations?

You went through a life changing event. You saw someone who motivated you. You read an article that has changed your mind state. No matter the situation that brought you to this place, you are here! You’re ready to change your life and that is a great thing. Stop right here though. Take a deep breath and lets examine a few things before you make those tough choices.

What I find that happens most often to clients is that they use the adrenaline rush from the desired outcome to “over shoot” their expectations of themselves. For instance, lets say you opened a Men’s Health magazine and saw someone in an article that motivated you. You instantly decide that you would like to look like this individual and based off that outcome you design a plan. You’re going to wake up at 5:00 am Monday-Friday and workout for 1 hour each session. Great! It’s Sunday night and you are ready for the morning. Bag packed and meals for the day prepared. The alarm goes off Monday morning at 4:15 am and you hit the snooze button 5 times in a row. You wake up at your normal time of 7:30 and feel like a failure. You have lost that adrenaline rush and have completely forgotten about the Men’s Health Magazine. Where did it all go wrong? What could you have done differently?


Make a list and check it twice…

My first suggestion is to write EVERYTHING down. I never understood the importance of this until I realized how big accountability is. You’d be surprised how much information we forget. Having a list gives you visual accountability. It also validates your promise to yourself. Create a list that will specifically outline what you will do to obtain the goals you set.

The Snowball Effect

There is a method of change called the “Snowball Effect”. You gain long term confidence using small victories. So aim for something that doesn’t inconvenience you a lot in the beginning. Don’t aim to quit drinking all sodas today. Instead aim to drink 30% less each week. Those little victories will give you the confidence needed to jump the hurdle of cutting sodas altogether by week 4. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your body is no different from Rome.

Color Within The Lines With Time

Stay close to your comfort zone and venture out as much as you see fit. The goal each day is to push the envelope further. At this rate, it is impossible to fail. If you are better each day, then every day is the best version of you. When selecting a time to workout, be realistic. If you aren’t a morning person, WHY would you schedule a workout session in the morning (unless you have NO other time to do it). That will be adding a hurdle into an already segment your life. Plan your workout for after work and go then. You are more likely to get it done that way. If you are naturally beat in the evening, reverse the process and plan your workout in the morning.

Be smart with your choices and make the goals realistic. Always aiming to improve each day in a minor way. Train smart and train safe.


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